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Co-host of The Valley Labor Report, Adam Keller, joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast to discuss the battle for voting rights in Alabama. Keller also discussed the union-busting activities in Bessemer, Ala. and weighed in on the artificial intelligence debates.

The Alabama legislative session ended recently, and with it, a bill that would make certain cases of assisting others in obtaining absentee ballots illegal was defeated. The grassroots efforts from a coalition of unions and support groups worked tirelessly to get the word out on the bill and change opinions. Together with the filibustering from the Democrats in the state Senate, the bill was stalled. They were even able to put enough public pressure on the bill that it had been rewritten days prior to the end of the session.

The National Labor Relations Board has overseen five cases of unfair labor practices against Amazon, with one being from the Bessemer, Ala. fulfillment warehouse. The warehouse employees held a union vote two years ago, but it went against the union. That vote was thrown out though, as Amazon was found to be guilty of union-busting activities. A second vote was held, finding in favor of the union, but there were over 400 disputed ballots that could change the outcome. After two years, there has been no updates on the vote, and two of the lead organizers have since been fired by Amazon. 

Now that artificial intelligence is being introduced in workplaces everywhere, the debate has turned to whether AI would replace workers. The International Alliance for Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) has put together a study on the impact of AI in the workplace and its ability to one day replace workers. Keller believes that AI provides an exciting opportunity for workers everywhere, however the skepticism is warranted. He said the best method forward would be to keep an open mind while maintaining vigilance on those who run the AI.

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