Season 3, Episode 104

Thanks to President Joe Biden, VA has less harassment in the workplace



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Anthony McCray

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Anthony McCray, National Representative with the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) National Veterans Affairs Council (NVAC), joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast and discussed how the Biden Administration has improved workplace morale at the VA and created a workplace with less harassment.

McCray acknowledged there is still some residual discontentment left by the Trump Administration, as many of Trump’s appointees have become civil servants and continue to hold some sway. However, Biden improved conditions for VA workers and the care that veterans receive, he said.

McCray also talked about Memorial Day ceremonies being held at VA centers across the country and the NVAC, who represents all VA employees and what they do to advocate for veterans and the care they receive.

Listen to the entire episode to learn more about these topics.

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